Oklahoma "Native America" 

Established with a Land Run and designated a state in 1907, Oklahoma is just over a hundred years young. A land of diversity from its Native history and breathtaking scenery to its Americana charm and hospitable people, learn why Oklahoma is a great place to live and work. What does Oklahoma have to offer? Camping, biking, hiking, skiing, boating, wildlife, festivals, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, scenic road trips, beautiful scenery, Native American culture and history, Route 66, rodeo, opera, theatre, casinos, nightlife, rural living, metro living, and so much more! And you'll be able to afford to do all of those things because Oklahoma has the lowest cost of living in the United States! Physician jobs in Oklahoma pay comparable rates to other parts of the country and sometimes more.

The famous Route 66 Gate in Tulsa Oklaho
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA downtown skyline on
Fun Facts about Oklahoma


There are 39 tribes and nations of American Indians with headquarters in Oklahoma. Descendants of the original 67 tribes inhabiting Indian Territory still live here.



Oklahoma's state capitol is the only one in the world with an oil well drilled beneath it.

Oklahoma is the third-largest gas-producing state in the nation.

The Nellie Johnstone oil well, located at Johnstone Park in Bartlesville, was the first flowing commercial well in the world.


Bluff in the Glass Mountains State Park


The first parking meter was created in Oklahoma and installed in Oklahoma City in 1935.

Oklahoma has 43 colleges and universities.

Oklahoma is the winter quarters for more circuses than any other state.

Oklahoma's average annual temperature is a pleasant 60.5 degrees.


Oklahoma University Football Stadium, Norman, Ok


Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is one of America's most recognized college football cathedrals.

Situated on the east side of the Norman campus, this historic facility is the largest sports arena in the state and, following its most recent expansion, ranks among the 15 largest college football stadiums in the nation.